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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Korean At A Glance [Lesson Ten]

       Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokaatu.. annyeong everyone.. its been a long time since i update my untidy blog.. :D after putting this blog on hiatus, i feel that i should at least post something.. and i hv been scanning my blog.... thinking.. what should i post... then, something inside me, bursting out, telling me that who i am when i start blogging... it tells me that, i am a TEACHER~~ yes~~ now i remember, im teaching korean language to uols.. haha.. how can possibly a teacher forgetting his pupils.. huhu.. pity me.. haha.. so, now, i'll be 'acting' again, as ur teacher... in what class?? yeaaaa, its Yommo Class.. :D :D.. hahahaha.. ok2, lets begin.. im getting excited.. :P

     Our lesson for today will be about.... Getting to know the Koreans..

     ok2, dwi-bahasa boleh? (mcm xbiase plak).. haha ok.. Org korea ni selalu tekankan budi bahasa dan kesusilaan.. haaa.. even bila jumpa ngan org xkenal or foreigners, mereka akan cube greet with proper manner dan akan bow kat korang (tp kena ngan proper approach laa).. lagi2 laa kalau korang blas balik bow tu dgn bow blik.. tunjuk skit tnda hormat kat org kan... hehe.. korean have been influenced by western customs, and men in general will shake hands when greeting each other. bersalaman ni biasenye dilakukan dgn korang tunduk skit (bow laa).. baikla murid2, kita akan start our conversations here.. u better practice if u want to adapt hangeul well.. jom~~

 English                                                            Romanization
 Who is that?                                                  Cheo pun-i nu-gu-se-yo?
(referring to an adult)
Would you introduce
me to him/her?                    Cheo pun-eul chom so-gae-hae chu-shi-ge-sseo-yo?
(literally, that person)
Please introduce yourself.                              In-sa-ha-se-yo.
I will introduce myself.                                   In-sa-ha-deu-ri-ge-sseo-yo.
This is my friend.                                          Che ch'in-gu ye-yo.
How do you do?                                          Ch'eo-eum poep-kke-sseo-yo?
(literally, i am meeting
  you for the first time)
How do you do?                                         Ch'eo-eum poep-kke-sseo-yo?
I am pleased to meet you.                           Pan-gap-sseum-ni-da.

*Upon meeting someone for the first time or when greeting friends, Korean ordinarily bow. The degree of the bow depends on relative status, age, and respect of the individuals.
 for more info on korean bow click here.

 yes, lepas dah sapa menyapa, mesti korang nk kenal/tahu nama kan.. ok2.. sblum tu, sedikit info tntg nama orang korea naa.. Korean names are composed of 3 syllables, which are derived from the 3 Chinese characters used for writing the names. The first syllable stands for the family name while the last 2 syllabes indicate the given name. The family name always comes first, followed by the given name; for example, Kim (family name), Tae-yeon (given name).

What's your name?                                      Seong-ham-i eo-tteo-k'e toe-se-yo?
(Said to people
older than you)                                                
What's your name?                                     I-reum-i eo-tteo-k'e toe-se-yo?
(Said to people
 younger than you)
What's your name?                                     I-reum-i mweo-ye-yo?
(Said to people
 much younger than you *kids)
My name is _____.                                    Che i-reum-eun _____-i-e-yo.

 Ex: Che i-reum-eun yommo-i e-yo.

   baiklah murid2, cikgu yommo nk call off our class for today ok.. cikgu nk bg exercise bnyk2, kalau nnti kamu semua tak buat, kan tak saje2 kene denda mkn sushi kan.. haha.. :D *heyy sushi tu bai.. my fav food. :D :D

   lesson kali ni ade sambungan ye tau.. korang takkan nk tahu name je.. kann..? haaa jadi, tnggu lesson seterusnye k.. annyeong semua..

A Word A Day : woe-guk sa-ram ( foreigner )

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